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Precious Sweet Little Lap Warmers!!!


Welcome to precious paws of Texas! We are lifetime small hobby breeders, which is much more like caring for our tiny fur family members around the clock! We do not mind putting in the long hours and dedication for each of our fur babies, as they are all a pleasure to have as part of our family.

We strive to provide you and your family some tiny healthy chihuahuas that you can cherish for a lifetime! We are dedicated to helping each and every family find their next chihuahua puppy or chihuahua dog companion. We take a lot of pride and joy with each litter we raise. We hope each and every baby that we are responsible for gets only the very best home possible. We welcome everyone to come and visit our precious chihuahua puppies for sale in Houston Texas!

Our small breeding program offers long coat chihuahuas occasionally, but mainly short coat chihuahuas have ruled our litters! While we understand that the chihuahua breed is very teeny-tiny, as it is. We breed for the toy breed standard size babies. Sometimes as a result we may get a very tiny healthy chihuahua.

The most dominant colors in our parents genetics are blue chihuahuas and chocolate chihuahua puppies. However; in our years of breeding we also offer these beautiful glamorous color patterns in our lines. We have cream, red, fawn, white, silver, lavender, black, tan, brown sable, and red sable chihuahua puppies! We do not have merle bloodlines in our program.

It is rare to have all extremely teeny-tiny, or itty bitty chihuahuas in every single litter, but we do have a few every now and then. We offer the smaller toy chihuahuas. (some breeders will refer to the smaller puppies as teacup chihuahuas, or pocket chihuahuas.) however; we are well aware that there is no such thing, but we like to substitute those terms with other terms such as teeny -tiny chihuahuas and itty bitty chihuahuas as each puppy has it's own unique size ranging from 2 -6 lbs per the accepted AKC breed standard. This will help to describe a better picture of just how tiny they may actually be, and if it may be the right and suitable breed for your family to consider. Bottom line for us a tiny healthy toy chihuahua!

All of our tiny babies potential happy homes are pre screened and well educated about any precautions health wise before these puppies will get to leave our home. These puppies may not be suitable for every home, and will stay with us longer than our bigger size toy puppies that weigh more than three pounds.

Our goal is to make sure all our chihuahua puppies are healthy, happy, and well socialized with both kids and other pets. Since we are a individual hobby chihuahua breeder in Houston Texas, this allows us to focus on each puppy's individual care and needs. We breed our chihuahuas for the sole purpose of companionship, type, love of the breed, and improvement of the breed. Please keep in mind that all of our toy precious puppies for sale are all born and raised here in our home. They are free to roam in our home. We will not sell our babies to pet stores, brokers, or big scale breeders.

Please visit my "about us" page for very important information regarding your next possible pet. We do not always have chihuahua puppies for sale. We only specialize in chihuahuas and no other breeds. We also offer free shipping available for some of our babies. Please visit our shipping page for more details.

We carefully screen our buyers with a questionnaire to ensure our babies may have a safe and happy life. We reserve the right to turn a client down if we feel the situation is not suitable for one of our babies.


*We do offer a few discount options and payment plans - please look under our service tab/payments for these options.*

*For our waiting list information please visit our nursery page*

*All of our chihuahua puppies for sale are litter box trained, or in basic training for your satisfaction!!*